colorful dahlias

It’s the middle of August and I love this time of year because that means locally grown dahlias are available. Washington, I’ve been learning, has a similar growing season for dahlias as does Colorado. Dahlia season starts at the beginning of August and goes through the end of September. Every once in a great while you can still get locally grown dahlias in early October, but that all depends whether the first frost of the season has occurred. Yes, you can get dahlias that are not locally grown at other times of the year, but dahlias do not transport well and many times the flower is compromised. The good solid two months of locally grown dahlias, however, is absolutely fabulous. I will take two wonderful months with these beauties!

Back in Colorado my go-to farm for locally grown dahlias was Arrowhead Dahlias. Julie and Calvin, the owners, grew so many beautiful varieties and always were a joy to visit. Being at Arrowhead you always felt like you were immersed in a sea of color and beauty. It was one of my absolute favorite places for flowers! Here in Washington there are a few dahlia-only farms and many other farms that grow dahlias, along with other varieties of flowers. The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is a central point for locally grown Washington dahlias.

If you are getting married in August or September, I encourage you to consider incorporating dahlias into your floral arrangements. Here’s why I love locally grown dahlias:

  • There are SO many colors to choose from!
  • They are fresh, strong, and hearty.
  • They have a high petal count and often a full, bulbous shape – they make a great focal flower!
  • They go well with many different event styles: natural, organic, garden, boho, rustic, classic, elegant, etc.


Below are some of my favorite designs using these magnificent, special flowers. Enjoy!

bridesmaids in burgundy

Picture courtesy of Jessica Christie Photography

colorful bridal bouquet with burgundy dahlias

Picture courtesy of Caitlin Hamilton Photography

Indian mandap with white flowers

Picture courtesy of Dylan Burr Photography

wedding reception dinner tables with flowers

Picture courtesy of Dylan Burr Photography

jewel toned bridal bouquet

Picture courtesy of Drake & Co. Photography + Films

colorful and unique bridal bouquet

Picture courtesy of Mallory Olenius Photography



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