This past weekend I helped another Seattle Wedding Florist. The east side venue where their wedding took place  was located on top of a hill and had an incredible view of Seattle, Lake Washington, and the surrounding area. It was gloriously breathtaking.

While the ceremony was located at a different part of the property, I thought how lovely it would be to say your vows with this incredible view of Seattle as the backdrop. From a design point of view I wouldn’t want to block the view, but rather incorporate flowers and greenery to compliment the view.

The first design I sketched out involves Queen Anne’s Lace…lots and lots of Queen Anne’s Lace. In Colorado during the summer you’ll notice wild sunflowers everywhere. The wild flower of the Pacific Northwest is Queen Anne’s Lace. Delicate and unassuming you could easily overlook it, but once you notice it you cannot un-notice it. And the simplicity of just the Queen Anne’s Lace is beautiful. And, at least in Woodinville where the studio is located, it’s everywhere. How perfect would this ceremony backdrop be for such a spectacular view of Seattle?

simple and elegant wedding ceremony flowers

The next design I sketched out was inspiration that evolved from the idea of an infinity pool popping into my head with how blue and expansive the sky was. The idea then evolved into inspiration of ocean waves, which I loved. This ceremony decor would be built using all shades of blue hydrangea and then incorporating false spirea for added wisps of movement. Are you loving the blue on blue as much as I am?

Blue hydrangea wedding ceremony backdrop


Incorporating flowers into your wedding ceremony, even if you are getting married somewhere with a beautiful backdrop, can make the setting unique and even more stunning.


My husband and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Our wedding feels like it was yesterday, so hitting the two year mark reminded me, again, how fast times goes by. I still think of myself as a newlywed. Can one still be a “newlywed” after two plus years of marriage? That is a debate for another day, I guess.

Though my time to be a bride has come and gone, I often look back at our wedding photos to relive the profound joy that we experienced. I felt compelled to write this post, because there is an abundance of articles on the internet about wedding regrets, why elopements are better than formal weddings, and even why weddings are a complete waste of money. I am in the wedding industry, yes, but putting aside my Wedding Florist hat, I wanted to share with you why I feel that weddings are important, amazing, and worth the investment. Because I loved my wedding so, so much, here is my case for having a grand celebration.

Deep Expressions of Love; Shared, Heightened

The two parts that I love most about a wedding is the ceremony (I always, ALWAYS cry at wedding ceremonies!) and the reception speeches. I love the raw, authentic feeling of personal vows and getting to see a glimpse into the depths of love and emotion. There are not many occasions in life that allow for such intense, public displays of affection. And while I think the act of saying your vows out loud to your significant other is profound in and of itself, I feel that saying them out loud in front of those who know you best transcends a new level of connection, which extends to everyone you love. Vows are incredibly powerful!

groom saying wedding vowsbride and groom saying vows

Wedding speeches can also be raw and emotional. The importance of a wedding – the joining of two people and of two families coming together creates a collective bond. Wedding speeches and toasts are one of the expressions of this union. I love how every speech has a different feeling to it, given by the person delivering the speech. Every person that stood up at our wedding to say something delivered a message of love, thought, and heart. t was so beautiful to hear.

wedding speechbride crying at a wedding reception

The Epitome of Beautiful, Personalized Decor + Delicious Food

I cannot think of other celebration that would call for an abundance of flowers and decor that has been designed for specifically for you, with your particular style and taste at the forefront. The transformation of a space that reflects you and your partner is incredible to see realized. Wedding reception food, as well, also adds to this elevated experience. The food you eat on your wedding day will have been created for you, specifically, with intent and your preferences. Meaningful, beautiful things draw us in and can enhance our experience.

outdoor wedding ceremony

You Get to Dance Like No One is Watching

The last time that I had a full-blown dance party was at our wedding reception. That’s two years too long!! Especially so, because I love dancing. But as life evolves there seem to be less and less opportunities to dance without any inhibitions. And dancing with those that you love to commemorate your wedding is one of the most joyful things that I have witnessed. Everyone is together, having fun, and celebrating. Being silly. Being free.

people dancing at a wedding

I am pretty sure this was the moment I realized a Michael Jackson song was starting to play.

bride and groom dancing at a wedding reception

Being Surrounded By Loved Ones

There has never been another occasion where I have had so many significant, special people in one place at one time. They were all there to have celebrate and support our marriage (and to have fun!). It was the most incredible, magical time that I don’t think could ever be recreated. And that makes it even more special.

outdoor wedding ceremony


As a Florist in the wedding industry for several years I knew that weddings were lovely and beautiful. I was part of that behind-the-scenes transformation process, after-all. I would feel that deep contentment and peace with being a wedding guest. But I didn’t really know how fun, amazing, and truly magical a wedding could be until my own wedding experience. The memories of that day and of that weekend will be with me forever. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Have I convinced you yet to have a formal wedding?

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I recently joined a professional networking group, the Snohomish Wedding Guild (SWG). The SWG resides in Snohomish, WA and includes wedding vendors in all categories: venues, caterers, planners, florists, officiants, hair and make-up, deejays, rentals, and so on. While the Guild is open to all businesses, venues and event spaces have to be physically located in Snohomish County.

Every year the Snohomish Wedding Guild hosts the Snohomish Wedding Tour, a self-directed tour of multiple Snohomish venues, each venue with a team of exhibiting vendors. It’s an incredible display of professionalism, talent, and creativity. It’s a wonderful opportunity for couples who are thinking of having their wedding in Snohomish County to meet with potential vendors in person and to get a feel for their style and personality.

I attended the Snohomish Wedding Tour this year as a guest and the first venue I visited was Twin Willow Gardens, which I fell in love with immediately. What an absolutely stunning location! At Twin Willow Gardens forest paths lead to gorgeous flower gardens and a tented reception area sits in the center of the gardens. There is also a full cement patio with a beautiful antique firehouse door backdrop. The beautiful outdoor setting actually reminded me of my own wedding, which was held outdoors in Colorado. I was flooding me with the fondest, most wonderful memories.

The Cedar Chapel, the main ceremony space at Twin Willow Gardens, is down a wooded path that leads to an opening with a large, hand-crafted wood beam arch centered in the back. This ceremony space is absolutely magical – you feel like you are in an enchanted forest! I was so inspired by this beautiful ceremony setting that I sketched out several potential floral backdrop ideas. The ideas just kept coming! I hope you also fall in love with this ceremony space and are inspired by the feeling of this stunning place just as much as I was.


Enchanted Forest Floral Lunaria Tree

For this backdrop I decided to “re-grow” the tree to the left of the arch by creating a “trunk” made of Combo roses, Quicksand roses, Champagne sweetheart roses, mood moss, and sheet moss. The branches would be made from curly willow and adorned with dried lunaria and fairy lights. I had come across a lunaria backdrop once in a wedding blog and was taken aback with its strikingly simplistic beauty. From that moment I, too, wanted to create something amazing with dried lunaria! And how perfect would a lunaria tree be at Twin Willow Gardens?? The cedar wood arch would get a lovely curtain of Spanish moss, white astilbe (you could also use Queen Anne’s Lace, Pepper Grass, or False Spirea), and ribbon, with Champagne rose blooms attached at the bottom of the ribbon strands.

lunaria tree with floral trunk sketch

Enchanted Forest Floral Willow Tree

I actually did this sketch before the dried lunaria tree. I thought it would be fun and oh-so-fitting to create a willow tree for Twin Willow Gardens. Instead of dried lunaria fixed to the curly willow branches I would use willow eucalyptus. An asymmetric floral curtain would hang from the arch behind the tree.

willow tree with a floral trunk sketch

Enchanted Forest Illumination

I love the look of old growth, undisturbed forest. To achieve a natural shape of growth movement I saw the cedar arch covered in moss, branches, and fairy lights. The curly willow would start from the ground and climb up the arch. Floral clusters would wind their way up the tree trunks, but also go part-way up the arch. The arch would be covered with a base of mood moss and sheet moss. Spanish moss and white delphinium would hang down from the top beam.

enchanted forest wedding ceremony

Patterned Quilt Inspiration

For some reason when I looked at the cedar arch structure I also envisioned a quilt. Probably because it has such a solid, rectangular shape. While I personally tend to gravitate towards asymmetric designs, I decided to sketch out a quilt-inspired pattern created from floral pomander balls, illuminated grapevine balls, and chevron-style lines of hanging delphinium, stock, and spray roses. The wood beams of the arch would be covered in mood moss, sheet moss, and rose blooms.

ceremony flowers hanging from arch

Diagonal Dried Lunaria

For this last sketch I decided to go with a very simple design, which goes against my tendency to incorporate lots of texture and lots of movement. Fairly recently in a wedding publication I had come across a backdrop of dried lunaria in the shape of a curtain. It was absolutely gorgeous and ignited a love of dried lunaria in me. In following the sharp angles of the cedar arch, I decided to split the arch into two pieces with a diagonal piece of wood, wedged in between two corners. Dried lunaria would stick out from either side of the diagonal piece of wood. This would be a modern, artistic interpretation of a feather or perhaps even of a fern.

wedding ceremony with lunaria


So which ceremony design do you resonate most with?? Are there other colors/shapes you would like to see? Let’s see what show-stopper we can create together!


I was utterly new to the world of formal entrepreneurship when I first started my floral design business back in 2011. At first I was primarily focused on figuring out all the legalities with running a business. While the business name was important, I initially didn’t give it that much thought. I actually came up with my first business name relatively easily and quickly. It was a name that I thought was perfect: Designs Abloom.

After spending about six months formally as Designs Abloom (registering with the Secretary of State, getting set up with the Colorado Department of Revenue, printing business cards, etc.) I started having doubts about my chosen name. My mom would get confused and sometimes refer to my business as “Flowers Abloom”. I reasoned that if my own mother couldn’t remember the name of my business then how could I expect anyone else, who wouldn’t care half as much, to remember correctly? I decided that Designs Abloom, the name I had once thought was great, was actually so vanilla (vanilla – not bad, but nothing special or unique). To me, the most successful businesses had a company name that was either witty, cool, or sophisticated…or all three, and especially memorable. Hence, naming a business something silly or lame or vanilla was a precursor to utter failure. Naming my floral design business, therefore, was not something to be taken lightly.

What followed was two years of re-naming agony. For the first multiple weeks I brainstormed all the possible floral design names I could come up with. I had decided that using my name would be best (after-all, there was another Florist in town who had started her business a few years back and was more successful than me. And that Florist had named her business after herself). So I came up with a list of potential business names:

Holly Ann Floral
Holly Ann Floral Design
Holly Ann Flowers
Holly Kerr Floral
Holly Kerr Floral Design
Holly Kerr Flowers
Holly Floral Design
Holly’s Floral Celebrations
Holly Ann Floral Unfold
Holly Flourish
Holly’s Floral Radiance
Holly Flowers Designed
Holly Ann Designs Abloom
Holly Kerr Designs Abloom

All of my friends were included in the voting of these business names, which involved several rounds of emails: Pick your top three names. Which of these top three names do you like the best? Are you sure this name seems good?


While this was going on I happened to stumble upon another Florist whose business name involved a color + name of a flower, which I really liked. And another, though smaller, round of possible business names was generated:

Green Feather Floral Design
Silver Locket Floral Design
Crimson Locket Floral Design

After lots of indecision I briefly decided on Polka Dot Blossoms for my new business name, the idea coming from one of my brides who wanted polka dot ribbon for her bouquet wrap. I thought the polka dots were kind of cute. And my plan was to wear a polka dotted scarf to every floral consultation. Who could forget a Florist in polka dots?? Now that was memorable.

Not too long afterwards I then came to the conclusion that the best part of a wedding was the bouquet toss, and so I registered my business as Toss Floral Design. That name lasted for more than a year before I was informed of all the not-so-pleasant meanings of the word “toss”. A new business was needed.

In early 2013 I was sitting in my car on my lunch break fretting about what the heck I was going to call my floral design business. I literally felt like I was back at square one with any ambitions to build a successful floral design business. How was I going to do anything if I couldn’t even decide on a business name?? In typical Holly fashion I was looking online to other Florists for inspiration when a testimonials page caught my attention. The page was titled, “Love Letters.” In that moment my business became Love Letters Floral Design and stayed that way until the end of 2018.

One would think after all the time, attention, investment, and effort, that name Love Letters Floral Design would be forever. But with the move to Washington and having to start my business over, I decided to re-brand and settled on Holly Yee Floral Architecture. You can read more about this decision in a previous BLOG POST and learn the BACK STORY of why I chose the term “architecture”.

All the name changes and the aesthetic design changes that my business has gone through is *almost* amusing. This business journey has been quite the long and winding ride, you could say! I have learned that while the business name does carry some weight, ultimately, it’s just a small amount of weight. What’s more important is your craft, your customer service, your relationships, and your mindset. Take it from me – don’t let the agony of choosing a business name hold you back for too long. On the other hand, maybe it’s the slow and winding road that you need to take to get you to the place where you really need to be. You can be your own judge on that one.


The other week I had coffee with a lovely Wedding Planner and Event Manager, Melissa. Melissa owns Bright Side Events, but also manages events at AXIS Pioneer Square. She took me on a tour of AXIS after finishing our coffee and I immediately could see why so many love this Seattle event venue. AXIS Pioneer Square is located in the historic Globe Building of Pioneer Square, which was built in 1890 for the Globe Navigation Company, a shipbuilding operation.

AXIS Pioneer Square opened for events in 2013 and the 10,000 square foot facility can host up to 550 people when using both the Main Space and the Corner Gallery. They do a variety of events including wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, and parties. Inside the walls are a beautiful exposed brick and the floors are hardwood. 18 foot built in brick arches stand prominently in the center of the building, adjoining two large open areas.

Inspired by the wall of world globes at AXIS Pioneer Square and the fact that the venue lives in the historic Globe Building, I thought it would be neat to create a backdrop that looked like a map of the world. This world map design would be fun as a photo wall for a corporate/community/social event.  The continents would be created out of reindeer moss, the different colors of moss corresponding to the different geographical features within the various continents. Fairy light would be embedded in the moss to mimic cities at night.  Both light blue and dark blue delphinium would swirl around the continents representing the vast, moving ocean. It would be spectacular!

floral backdrop at AXIS Pioneer Square Seattle

I was also inspired to bring to life another idea I had for a floral backdrop at AXIS Pioneer Square, this one perhaps more fitting for a wedding ceremony. Occidental Square, a public park, sits just outside of AXIS and is lines with tall trees, ornate street lights, and potted flowers. It’s a gorgeous setting that I wanted to essentially bring inside. To create this I would build two trees, birch poles for the trunks and birch branches for the tree branches. Silver dollar eucalyptus would be used for the leaves and (of course!) strands of fairy lights would wind their way up both trees. Centered inside both trees would be two English style street lamps with globe lights. A large floral basket would hang from each street lamp and would include smilax, nandina, Beatrice garden roses, Cardin Mill old English roses from Grace Rose Farm, yellow spray roses, and snowberry.

wedding reception at AXIS Pioneer Square Seattle

AXIS Pioneer Square is a clean design slate (and a gorgeous one for that matter) and there is so much potential for unparalleled transformation of the space. Are you holding an event at AXIS Pioneer Square? I would love to help you make it a historic, monumental occasion!


Last week I attended a wedding professionals networking event at Rein Fire Ranch. Just as I had my favorite venues in Colorado, I knew that Rein Fire Ranch (RFR) was going to be one of my favorites in Washington. RFR is a 45 acre former horse facility. Outside there are gardens, a pavilion, and a fire pit. And a 4,000 square foot newly renovated barn is a lovely setting for a reception dinner. The positive energy that can be sensed at RFR is heavily attributed by the owners, Rich and George, who are warm and welcoming. You can feel how much love and thought they have poured into their venue. RFR is beautiful, expansive, and so, so peaceful.

We were hoping for good weather at our networking event so we could take full advantage of all the outdoor areas at RFR. Dark clouds loomed over us as we made our way to the ranch and during set-up a full on thunderstorm ensued. Coming from Colorado where there are crazy, intense thunderstorms, I found it quite comforting. I have always been drawn to the sky and will spend time just watching the cloud formations. And I love rain and thunderstorms. A good shower is always soothing and energizing simultaneously. For a moment I felt like I was back home.

Since rain is considered good luck on a wedding day, as it signifies that your marriage will last (the knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie), I thought it would be fabulous to create a ceremony backdrop that looks like a rain shower. How wonderfully grand would that be?!?! For the rain I envisioned a curtain of satin ribbon strands interspersed with hanging white and blue delphinium. The clouds would be constructed mostly with puffy balls of hydrangea – white hydrangea, light blue hydrangea, and dark blue hydrangea. There would also be cotton pods and dusty miller, with a touch of quicksand roses and peach stock, which would mimic the warm glow created by the sun. The sun, which would definitely be a must, would be created from crem de la crem roses, yellow spray roses, light yellow stock, and dancing lady orchids. How utterly magnificent would it be to get married in front of a floral rain shower???

blue, white and yellow ceremony flowers at Rein Fire Ranch


I also was inspired to sketch out a design for the entrance to the reception barn. The entrance to such a beautiful space needed something just as magical to greet guests. Originally, I was thinking I would create a sunset design, as glorious sunsets generally follow rain showers. But looking at the architectural structure of the building, an image of two trees flanking either side of the entrance popped into my head. These trees would be created from long branches of curly willow for the trunk and for the tree branches. For the leaves I would use willow eucalyptus or perhaps even silver dollar eucalyptus. And warm white fairy lights on these trees would add an illuminated, magical feeling. Any time I can incorporate fairy lights into a design is always delightful!

barn with floral trees at the entrance


I cannot wait to create designs for a wedding or event at Rein Fire Ranch sometime in the future. I would absolutely love to make a rain shower backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Bestowing good luck and wishes for a long married life together is something that can even be conjured through thoughtful, intentional floral design. Let it rain!


When I got married back in 2017 I knew that I wanted to wear flowers in my hair. I have always loved the way flowers compliment a lovely hair-do and a radiant smile. Something so small can make a big statement and really draw your attention.

Today I am excited to showcase four different floral accessories that can be worn in your hair, whether you are wearing your hair long and loose, in a formal up-do, or any way in-between. For this photoshoot I partnered with Liz from L Style Bar, who worked her beauty styling magic. Liz is a hair style genius!

Flower Crown

The flower crown is a crowd favorite in the world of weddings and for good reason. The flower crown is beautiful, stately, and regal. It can be bold or delicate. The flower crown was actually one of the first things I ever learned to make using flowers. In Hawaii the flower crown is called a haku. This floral accessory works really well with hair that’s loose or with a half-up / half- down style, but is a classic look, really for any style.

bride wearing greenery crowncolorful flower crowns

Floral Crescent

The floral crescent is my new favorite floral accessory! The floral crescent is a subdued version of the flower crown. While it’s definitely a statement piece, the floral crescent cannot be seen from all sides like the flower crown. I especially like it with up-dos; I think the floral crescent often beautifully follows the natural hairstyle curve. Parallel lines in design always draw my eye.

colorful flowers in a bridal up-docolorful flowers in an up-do

Floral Comb

The floral comb is a soft and sweet touch of cultivated flower beauty without overpowering the hair-do. This works well for an up-do or a half-up / half-down hair style Flowers are adhered to one end of the comb opposite the comb teeth, which can be inserted into your hair-do. This floral accessory work well for anyone who really wants their hair style to be the statement piece. A floral comb is like the simple satin ribbon tied around the perfectly wrapped gift box.

Flower Hair Extension

I came up with the idea for the flower hair extension after being introduced to tinsel hair extensions. I love the feeling on something beautiful in your hair. And if we could add things like tinsel, feathers, and even more hair then why couldn’t we do the same thing with fresh flowers?? What a gorgeous look for an outdoor, boho wedding. The flower hair extension works really well with loose, flowing hair.

orchids in a bride's hair


What is your favorite hair accessory?


Moving to the Seattle area and having to start my floral design business over from the beginning, I knew one of the first things I wanted to get to know the amazing event and wedding vendors in the area. While I prefer one-on-one coffee meetings where I can take time to listen to each person’s individual story and really understand their business in-depth, I decided that joining a professional networking group would be beneficial. Especially being a Washington newbie.

It was Wedding Network Seattle (WNS) that caught my attention late last year. WNS is a boutique professional networking and educational group. The organization meets once a month at a different venue in the greater Seattle area. At each monthly meeting there is a new team of wedding vendors who all provide their services to create a mock wedding setting (flowers, decor, food, music, desserts, etc.). The meetings usually begin with a cocktail hour and networking followed by general announcements and featured vendor introductions. A guest speaker ends the evening educating members about a specific subject, anything from taxes, to giving an elevated client experience, to being more effective on social media, to reducing the waste at weddings.

Back in April I was the featured Florist and created spring-inspired table centerpieces at the WNS meeting held at Trinity Tree Farm in Issaquah, Washington. I got to use some beautiful local blooms from Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market, as well as some blooms from my very own yard! And I got to highlight the sketches that I have been doing for clients, which was fun to share.

If you are a Seattle wedding professional looking to expand your network, I hope you consider coming to the next Wedding Network Seattle meeting. You will be treated to great food and fabulous company, as well as you will leave energized and inspired!

colorful floral centerpiecedecorated reception room for weddingwedding floral sketcheswedding vendors talkingwedding vendors talkingSeattle wedding vendorswedding foodwedding network Seattlewedding network Seattle

Vendor Team:

Planning: It’s Your Day Events

Photographer: Courtney Bowlden Photography

Venue: Trinity Tree Farm

Catering: Twelve Baskets Catering

Deejay: Bugsie Productions

Speaker: Bold and Pop



I am so excited to feature Leda of Stolen Glimpses on my blog. Leda is an incredible Seattle Photographer, whose rich, warm, dusky, and intimate feel does not go noticed in her gorgeous images. You can see more of her recent work on her Instagram profile.

While we both reside in the Seattle area, I actually first worked with Leda back in the summer of 2017 in the mountains of Colorado. Leda captured Amanda and Scott’s wedding beautifully. (And my floral work beautifully, as well. Thank you, Leda!).

bride with blush and white bouquet

wedding party with blue dresses

After making the move to Washington with my husband in the summer of 2018, Leda and I re-connected in West Seattle for a cup of coffee to catch up. I was interested in learning about the Seattle wedding market and what the industry was like in the Pacific Northwest. Most recently, I had Leda out to my Woodinville studio to find out more about her journey into photography and understand what inspires her in this line of work.

Leda is truly talented at what she does and I think her work speaks for itself. Plus, she is a pretty awesome human being, which is an added bonus. Enjoy getting to know Leda and Stolen Glimpses a little bit better!


An Overview of Stolen Glimpses: Seattle Wedding Photography

Leda of Stolen Glimpses is based out of Seattle, Washington, but she is wiling to travel and has photographed weddings in nine other states, plus internationally! Stolen Glimpses is primarily wedding photography, but Leda also does engagements, proposals, anniversaries, and “just because” sessions. Her work has elements of photojournalism with minimal re-touching.

Leda’s journey into Photography

Leda is well-schooled in the world of photography. She started her formal education in photojournalism in New York and then subsequently branched into the world of weddings. She describes herself as a bit of a nomad and ended up in New York for a couple years before making her way across the continent to Seattle.

Working with Leda – What to Expect

Leda loves to have fun. And while she operates a photography business she does not want interactions with her clients to feel like business transactions, but more like a partnership between friends. She strives to create a relationship of trust and ease with her clients, so each moment spent together is enjoyed by both her and her clients. She has found that when a relationship is formed, her couples feel relaxed.

Leda’s Favorite Weddings

Leda is particularly fond of weddings that couples plan for themselves. Couples that infuse themselves into the personality of the wedding versus just going through the motions. Leda feels that wedding traditions can be used as used as guidelines and suggestions, but that couples should decide for themselves what to include for their big day. There is a different energy to a couple that is happy and engaged during the planning process.

What Leda Loves most about Photography

To Leda, the best thing about being a Photographer is being able to preserve a fleeting moment. Moments can never be re-created, even if it’s the same subject, same place, and same photography.

What Leda is Most Proud of in her Career

In an industry that is forever changing and evolving on all aspects, she is proud of the fact that she has made a career out of doing something she is so passionate about and that she gets to devote all her attention to her clients and expanding her photography skills.

Leda’s Favorite Flower

Yellow tulips! The shape and the color make Leda happy and make her smile. (I was excited to share with Leda that I love yellow, too!)



The other week I had the opportunity to visit a lovely venue, Jardin del Sol. Jardin del Sol is an outdoor garden wedding and events venue located on a private residence in Snohomish, Washington, about 45 minutes north/east from Seattle. Having gotten married outside in the mountains in Colorado back in 2017, I am partial towards outdoor venues. And I immediately fell in love with Jardin del Sol.

Jardin del Sol, or Garden of the Sun, is located on seven acres of land. The main garden area features a central lawn surrounded by flowering perennials, shrubs, and tall trees and is most often used for ceremonies and lawn games. There is a wooden pergola that acts as a backdrop for the ceremony centered at the end of the lawn. While there is a lovely chandelier inside the pergola, it is essentially a blank canvas. The only limit to decorating this structure is  our imagination!

The design I created for this ceremony spot incorporates a floral ‘sun’ as a main arrangement on the pergola. I love when things have meaning and cohesion, so incorporating a floral sunburst felt just right for Jardin del Sol. The floral sunburst would include sunset garden roses, green-center sunflowers, leonidas rose, orange spray roses, light yellow stock, and dancing lady orchids. In this sketch I placed two trellises on either side of the pergola so that a climbing rose bush could wind its way up the structure adding to the garden feel. The climbing rose bush would be made out of smilax vine, kiss roses, and champagne roses (these are gorgeous light pink roses that open up like stars and are stunning!). In the two ceramic urns in front of the pergola thre would be a lush arrangement of smilax, greenery, kiss roses, champagne roses, and yellow begonias.

floral decor on a wood pergola


The entrance to this main lawn and ceremony area was another spot where I envisioned florals. A vision of a grape vine covered pergola popped into my head and I sketched out my floral interpretation using smilax vine, wedding ivy, purple stock, and purple larkspur. A grand ceremony deserves a grand entrance, after-all.

grape pergola sketch at jardin del sol


What are your thoughts about these design ideas? Any other you would like to see? If you are getting married at Jardin del Sol I would love to collaborate with you! Jardin del Sol is such a beautiful venue. The sky is the limit for the floral designs we could create at this magnificent place.

Holly Yee

Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for taking time to stop by my part of the internet. I have been working with flowers for a long time and I just love helping people make their celebrations absolutely stunning. It is an honor and a priviledge to be a part of weddings and other special events. 

In addition to floral design my other loves are yoga, coffee, the outdoors, and my husband and all the amazing people in my life. 

Feel like talking flowers?

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