Purpose: To create Beautiful, Joyful, and Memorable Settings through Thoughtful Floral Architecture.

DESIGN PRINCIPLES: We truly believe that the most unique and beautiful arrangements are genuine expressions of our clients. We will never encourage you to use a certain aesthetic, design style, or specific flower type because it is “on-trend”. Instead, we believe in guiding you towards floral designs that are most meaningful to you and elicit that feeling that you want to evoke at your event.

We might incorporate pink roses into your bridal bouquet, because that was the very first flower given to you by your sweetie and it brings back those feelings of joyful anticipation. Maybe we add tulips (given availability) throughout your reception arrangements, because you grew up in a house where tulips would fill your yard every spring and it reminds you of that cherished time. Perhaps you love the way asymmetrical designs force your eyes to linger just a moment more in order to analyze the thought and intent behind the design, so we add a dramatic welcome arrangement to greet your guests by a true piece of art that makes them stop and say, "Wow!". 

While we can use pictures of other floral arrangements for inspiration, we never replicate other work. We feel that every event should be unique in its design, just like every person we collaborate with is unique. We encourage our clients to stretch their imaginations and dare to be themselves.

"You were the only florist that was patient, listened, and really bought into our unique vision." ~Deena Garland

We believe in Guiding you towards Designs that are most Meaningful to you and elicit that feeling you want to Evoke at your Event. 

ENVIRONMENT PRINCIPLES: As an organization we are committed to operating as earth-friendly as possible to lessen the impact of our carbon footprint. The global economy has transformed the world and we are incredibly fortunate to be able to get so many amazing flowers from all over the world. Whenever possible, however, we buy flowers from local flower farms. Buying local supports small businesses, but also reduces the amount of carbon emissions directly tied to the flowers themselves.

We also compost all of the floral organic waste generated from design work, we recycle all of the bulk flower packaging, we do not use petroleum-based floral foam that is widely prevalent in the industry, and we try to re-use as much of the mechanics as possible, things such as vases, pins, and wire. The less we can put in the landfill the better it is for everyone and everything.

COMMUNITY PRINCIPLES: We are passionate about creating a great community! We try to support other amazing businesses as much as possible, whether that is sourcing fabulous flowers from local flower farmers or finding local crafters whose unusual textiles we can incorporate into our floral work. Not only does this strengthen the fabric of our community, but we feel it deepens the aesthetic and elevates the quality of our designs.

We continually make a conscious effort to learn about all the wonderful people in the event industry, so we can guide our clients to other vendors that would be a best fit for them and their event objectives. We are happy to give our vendor recommendations!

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