A Look at Holly Yee Floral Architecture, LLC

Primary Building Materials: Flowers + Foliage

Site: Our Imagination + Your Event

Holly Yee Floral Architecture transforms weddings, corporate events, and other grand celebrations through personalized, handcrafted florals and custom botanical art structures. The conceptual design of your event florals is just as important as the actual arrangements themselves, and it's with this philosophy that we embody and practice the principles of architecture.

Along your floral journey you will receive conceptual drawings and other visuals of both key event areas and focal arrangements, which allows us to bring your vision to life prior to your event.

bouquet sketch

Left: Our Vision Sketch for Emily's Bouquet. Right: Emily's Real Wedding Bouquet!

bouquet sketch

Left: Our Vision Sketch for Emilee's Bouquet. Right: Emilee's Real Wedding Bouquet!

bouquet sketch

Left: Our Vision Sketch for Cassandra's Bouquet. Right: Cassandra's Real Wedding Bouquet!

popcorn arrangement sketch

Left: our design concept for a Circus-themed event. Right: a popcorn arrangement come to life.

living wreath sketch

Left: our design concept for a modern living wreath. Right: one of two circular modern living wreaths at Pacific Place mall in Seattle.

"Thank you - the flowers were truly amazing. They were honestly one of my favorite parts, far exceeded my expectations, and I think you did a beautiful job. My bouquet was INSANE." ~Caitlin

Our services include conceptual design + tactile creation of unique floral/botanical works of art for:

Our Studio is located in Woodinville, Washington, just outside of SEATTLE.

We floral events primarily in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, but will travel to most event locations within the Pacific Northwest. Our Woodinville studio is where we do all of our inspiration sketching and design drafting, and the physical location where we actually construct your one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. 


We invite you to connect with us in person. We would love invite you to our studio and offer you a cup of tea or coffee, learn your story, and discuss how we can truly transform your event with some beautiful flowers.

Our studio is open by appointment only, so to start the process of working with please get in touch:

HOLLY: Owner, Lead Floral Architect, & Artist

I have a thing for flowers. Using flowers, foliage, or any organic plant material as a medium for design is so much fun! There always seems to be a new variety to discover, whether at the wholesaler or at a local flower farm, and I am always amazed by how spectacular nature is. Have you ever seen a passion vine flower?!?! It doesn't even look like it belongs to this world! Or what about scabiosa flowers? They look like little frosted cupcakes with white sprinkles. How cute is that?!?! Or Clooney ranunculus? They seem to have an endless quantity of the softest tissue paper-like petals. Just gorgeous! And I cannot forget one of my very favorites, explosion grass. Its texture and its shape reminds me of my favorite 4th of July firework - those enormous shimmery fireworks that grow bigger from the middle out and always, always take my breath away. 

I get energized by imagining the impossible. While I am inspired by botanical elements, I am dreamer by nature and I get much of my energy from brainstorming new ideas. Conceptual design really ignites my fire. There are so many possibilities! And there are no limits to the imagination, which I find completely invigorating. I love the challenge of bringing a new idea into existence. Giving tangibility to the abstract. Creating something out of nothing. 

You know a little about me, now I want to know about you!


17708 134th Avenue NE, Suite 17708

Woodinville, WA 98027

Let's Be Floral Friends! Connect With Us Socially.


Email: holly@hollyyee.com

Phone: 425.877.9287