Weddings, like flowers, are ephemeral, but the experience of a wedding is something you can keep with you for a lifetime. The culmination of people you love, a gorgeous ambiance created by beautiful decor, delicious food, meaningful speeches, and lively music, all mixed together can allow for something quite special. We help foster that magic at your wedding through personalized, thoughtful, and hand-crafted floral arrangements. 

We love to design for all kinds of celebrations, but we have a soft spot for weddings.

Our Style

While we are partial to interesting textures, rich color, asymmetry, depth, movement, and fullness, our design aesthetic does not adhere to one particular style or trend. Our creations are guided by each unique couple we work with and our arrangements are expressions of your personal taste, your overall event aesthetic, and your desired guest experience. As a result, every event we do is transformed into something totally original.

We love joyous occasions worth celebrating and we absolutely adore the people behind those occasions - YOU!

Our Process

Our process has been developed over many seasons of being in the wedding industry. Our philosophy embodies the spirit of collaboration and attention to detail. You can read about what it's like to work with us and what you can expect on our PROCESS page.

Our Pricing

As a boutique floral studio specializing in custom, bespoke designs, we have a minimum of $3,500 for Saturdays during peak wedding season (May - October). You can read more about the cost of wedding flowers on our INVESTMENT page.

I Loved Weddings Even More After I Had My Own Wedding

I had been in the wedding industry for several years before tying the knot myself. I knew that weddings were wonderful, but I didn't really know how fantastic they could be until I was a bride. My husband and I spent the days leading up to our wedding with a small group of close friends and family cooking together, eating together, adventuring together, and just being together. There was laughter, great conversation, and impromptu singing...and just so much joy. The day of our wedding, with many more of our friends and family in attendance, was like the grand finale of an uplifting musical performance. And I got to marry the best man I know. It truly was magical.

While our wedding has come and gone, the memories of that time and the feeling I get when I think about that experience, is something I wish I could bottle up and share with you. Helping to create that energy at YOUR wedding through personalized, handcrafted floral arrangements is a gift I would love to share with you.


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