Fresh. Modern. Fun.

We design our corporate floral arrangements not just to be seen, but to be experienced. These creations are geared towards evoking responses, sparking conversation, and making a lasting impression. We always strive for designs that are different and, especially, designs that are fresh, modern, and fun. Sometimes our arrangements will even have an element of surprise to them - you just have to look closely!


All of our corporate partners receive custom, personalized designs, that will add some spice to your event. Creating unexpected aesthetic impact is what we do best.


On-Site Botanical Art Installations

We have really expanded our floral repertoire recently and are excited to offer temporary botanical art installations! These custom pieces are designed and created to fit in specific spaces, whether that's your company building, your special event venue, or other location. After a site visit, we start with a full-color sketch of our proposed design. We then overlay this design onto a photo of the installation site to bring it to life. With your approval of the design, we then carefully build your art piece by hand. The last step involves installing your custom design on-site at your location.


Below is a living wreath installation we did during the 2019 and 2020 Holiday seasons for Pacific Place in downtown Seattle.


wreath sketch

Our original sketch for a modern, living wreath.

wreath sketch at Pacific Place

Our wreath sketch superimposed on a picture of Pacific Place.

The final product! It was such a delight to see this design come to life.

Patrons of Pacific Place enjoyed these modern living wreaths for the entire month of December.

Pictures courtesy of Saskia Potter Photography


Extraordinary Themed Arrangements

We LOVE themed events! And we love getting super-duper creative with florals for themed events. Our specialty is adding bits of non-floral elements into our designs: real sprinkles added on to ice cream cone floral arrangements, popped kernels of corn bursting out on sparkly curly cues in popcorn bucket floral arrangements, and hot chilli peppers tucked in the fiesta themed arrangements. Give us a topic and let us do our magic. We promise to delight and surprise you!


" I love how creative you get with your arrangements! The chilli peppers were such a fun touch!" -Victoria, TOLO Events


We geek out over designing for themed events.




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