When I got married back in 2017 I knew that I wanted to wear flowers in my hair. I have always loved the way flowers compliment a lovely hair-do and a radiant smile. Something so small can make a big statement and really draw your attention.

Today I am excited to showcase four different floral accessories that can be worn in your hair, whether you are wearing your hair long and loose, in a formal up-do, or any way in-between. For this photoshoot I partnered with Liz from L Style Bar, who worked her beauty styling magic. Liz is a hair style genius!

Flower Crown

The flower crown is a crowd favorite in the world of weddings and for good reason. The flower crown is beautiful, stately, and regal. It can be bold or delicate. The flower crown was actually one of the first things I ever learned to make using flowers. In Hawaii the flower crown is called a haku. This floral accessory works really well with hair that’s loose or with a half-up / half- down style, but is a classic look, really for any style.

bride wearing greenery crowncolorful flower crowns

Floral Crescent

The floral crescent is my new favorite floral accessory! The floral crescent is a subdued version of the flower crown. While it’s definitely a statement piece, the floral crescent cannot be seen from all sides like the flower crown. I especially like it with up-dos; I think the floral crescent often beautifully follows the natural hairstyle curve. Parallel lines in design always draw my eye.

colorful flowers in a bridal up-docolorful flowers in an up-do

Floral Comb

The floral comb is a soft and sweet touch of cultivated flower beauty without overpowering the hair-do. This works well for an up-do or a half-up / half-down hair style Flowers are adhered to one end of the comb opposite the comb teeth, which can be inserted into your hair-do. This floral accessory work well for anyone who really wants their hair style to be the statement piece. A floral comb is like the simple satin ribbon tied around the perfectly wrapped gift box.

Flower Hair Extension

I came up with the idea for the flower hair extension after being introduced to tinsel hair extensions. I love the feeling on something beautiful in your hair. And if we could add things like tinsel, feathers, and even more hair then why couldn’t we do the same thing with fresh flowers?? What a gorgeous look for an outdoor, boho wedding. The flower hair extension works really well with loose, flowing hair.

orchids in a bride's hair


What is your favorite hair accessory?

Holly Yee

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In addition to floral design my other loves are yoga, coffee, the outdoors, and my husband and all the amazing people in my life. 

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