As Floral Architects we know first-hand the impact of beautiful floral arrangements and installations in a space. Great design has the power to transform. When flowers, greenery, and other decor elements are purposefully combined together in an artistic expression of your vision, the entire experience of your event can be radically altered. Flowers and other botanical elements bring life and a distinct energy to spaces. Not only are floral arrangements visually appealing, but they also can exude lovely scents. And if you stop to really take them in you can even feel their presence. That's where the magic happens.

Years later your guests might not remember that your table centerpieces incorporated ranunculus or peonies or ferns specifically, for example, but they will remember the energy of your event - that it felt beautiful, that it felt natural, and that it felt joyful. That's the subtle power of great floral design and that's why we believe that investing in florals is such an important part of celebrations.

Take a closer look at Mary and Cory's wedding - can you see past the colors and textures of the flowers, and can you feel the ENERGY added to the Wedding Atmosphere by the Beautiful Botanical Elements? Lovely, isn't it?

There is tremendous Value in our Expertise, our Guidance, our Creativity, and our level of Craftsmanship.

Our custom designs are guided by our clients' unique visions, the overall scope of their events, and the desired outcome for those occasions. Our proposals are drafted in great detail after genuine conversation - after we have the chance to get to know you, to really understand your event goals, and by using your personal style, what is meaningful to you, and the things you are inspired by to come up with exquisite custom tailored designs.

Whether your celebration is large or small a lot of thought, time, energy, labor, and love goes into designing and creating beautiful floral arrangements. Intentional thought and care is given to your floral arrangements during the entire design process, from our very first conversation to the time when we are placing each arrangement at your event.

The Power of an intentionally handcrafted Bouquet

"Holding my bouquet made me feel more connected to the natural setting of my wedding. It didn't really come all together before you delivered my bouquet and once I saw it, I felt immediate joy and connection to that place we fell in love with when we toured River Bend. I remember feeling like I was holding a bit of the fairy magic of that place when I got the bouquet, and it really helped set the tone and the mindset of the day for me." ~ Ashlyn, Bride

The Power of a thoughtfully designed Ceremony

"The mantle piece Holly created for Jessica and Elijah's wedding brought a lush warmth to an otherwise blank space. The blue and white florals and greens really pulled the whole look together and reflected the overall joy and elegance of the couple standing in front of them as they exchanged their vows to one another." ~ Sarah, Wedding Planner

Factors that can Influence the Cost of Event Florals

    VARIETY, SEASON, and POPULARITY of Flowers (Certain flowers cost less, while other flowers cost more, e.g. carnation vs. peony or baby's breath vs. lily of the valley, which is generally affected by how easy a variety is to produce, how hearty it is during shipment, and how in demand it might be. Not only can design trends and wedding trends influence a specific variety of flower be more expensive, trends can also cause certain colors of flowers to cost more. The price for specific flowers also can rise and fall depending on seasonal scarcity and seasonal abundance.)

    FULLNESS and COMPLEXITY of Arrangements (Some arrangements are modest and simple, while others are grand and ornate. Other arrangements, regardless of size, might be intricate and detailed and require extra care and more fine-tuned craftsmanship.)

    SIZE and SCOPE of Event Floral Decor (Some events are small and intimate, while others are large and grand. The price of florals for an event with 10 centerpieces looks much different than an event with 30 centerpieces. Similarly, the price of florals for a wedding with no wedding party is drastically different from the price of florals for a wedding with a large wedding party, including many bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girls.)

    Our Designs are 100% Custom, because You are 100% Unique

      We don't have packages for our floral architecture, as the most creative and spectacular work we can produce is a manifestation of your vision and of your style. No two people are the same and, thus, no two events we design for are ever the same.

      While most clients that we work with spend between $2,000 - $20,000+ to support their floral event goals we do not have a minimum for a floral design services. All budgets are welcome.

      The best way we can determine the cost of your event florals is by drafting your Custom Floral Proposal. Our consultations are complimentary and we would love to help you design an Unparalleled Event.

      We will be in Touch SOON! Book Your CONSULTATION!

      Floral Designs made with Love and Care are the most Beautiful.

      We believe that floral creations which have thought, intent, love, and joy behind them seem to almost glow from within and are the most beautiful types of arrangements. We try to bring this level of care and focus to every event we floral, with every piece we create. Your celebration is very, very important to us. 

      "Holly you aren't just a florist. You are a master artist of your craft. We are so very grateful that you graced our wedding with your art. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you." ~Claire

      A big thank you to all the Photographers whose work is featured on this INVESTMENT page: Andy Barnhart Photography, Chris Loring Photography, Pure Lee Photo, Lerina Winter, Tatiana Davila Photography, Jennifer Morgan Photography, and Sarah Hill Photography


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