When choosing your bridal bouquet one of the things your florist will discuss with you in addition to your bouquet color palette and any favorite flowers you might want to include, is the bouquet’s shape. The shape of your bridal bouquet will compliment your dress, will support the overall style of your wedding, and will allow for a truly distinct aesthetic, which is driven by your unique personality. The shape of your bridal bouquet is definitely not something to be overlooked!

In this blog post I’ve sketched out the five most common bridal bouquet shapes and discuss their corresponding wedding styles. Read more to see which style would be perfect for your wedding.


Round Bouquet

True to it’s description, the round bouquet is round in shape. The blooms and foliage in this style of bouquet are dense and snugly packed together. The round bouquet has a very clean and classic look, and is very traditionally bridal. This style works well for many types of weddings, but is especially fitting for more formal events or weddings held in more traditional settings, such as churches or country clubs. The round bouquet is perfect for a bride who wants a beautiful bouquet, but doesn’t want the flowers to detract from the other design elements of the wedding.

Wedding Style: Classic, Formal, & Elegant

round bridal bouquet

Hand-Tied Bouquet

The hand-tied bouquet is one of the most popular bridal bouquet shapes. A gathered, more loose style than the round bouquet, this shape is perfect for brides who are more informal, carefree, and spontaneous. The flowers in a hand-tied bouquet have movement and height variation. The hand-tied bouquet can be very natural and organic, but still lend itself to a shape that was designed with intent.

Wedding Style: Casual, Whimsical, & Fun

Crescent Bouquet

The crescent bouquet is a lush alternative to the hand-tied bouquet. Both sides of this bouquet extend outward to give it a longer, more horizontal shape. The crescent bouquet lends itself well to the dreamy garden-style bouquets that have gained popularity in recent years. This shape is perfect for the bride who loves flowers and who wants a large bouquet that makes a lavish, romantic statement.

Wedding Style: Romantic, Garden, & Chic

crescent bridal bouquet


Elongated Bouquet

The elongated bouquet is perfect for the bride looking for sweet or elegant simplicity. The elongated bouquet has distinct height and length, which can be achieved by using long, skinny blooms and greenery. This bouquet shape is perfect for the boho bride that gravitates to a wild flower bouquet or the bride who likes a really sleek style.

Wedding Style: Bohemian, Naturally Elegant, & Simple

elongated wild flower bridal bouquet

Cascading Bouquet

The cascading bouquet is definitely a show stopper! This style of bouquet is often the most voluptuous and rich of all the bouquet shapes. Go big or go home you could say with this one! The cascading bouquet is perfect for the bride that wants her bouquet almost be the highlight of her overall look. After-all, the bouquet is her biggest accessory and she wants to showcase it as such.

Wedding Style: Glamorous, Dramatic, & Lavish

cascading bridal bouquet


So which bouquet shape is your personal favorite? Which is your runner up? I would love your thoughts in the comments below.

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