I absolutely love it when a man wears a boutonniere for a special occasion. This is not simply because I am a Florist, but because I truly think boutonnieres add that extra, elevated touch. A boutonniere denotes a degree of importance and can really make someone stand out in a distinctly beautiful way. What a special token to celebrate a groom on his wedding day or to recognize the keynote speaker of a gala. The boutonniere might be small, but its impact is mighty.


While there are countless boutonniere styles, the traditional boutonniere is not the only floral piece that can create an impression. You can never go wrong with classic, but for those who are adventurous, fun-loving, and who aren’t afraid to express themselves in a way that’s outside the box, there are unique boutonniere alternatives you might want to consider.


For this photo-shoot I partnered with Ryan of Bespoke Edge, who graciously agreed to model one of his couture Bespoke Edge suits. If you want to turn heads at your next special event, what better way than being dressed to the nines in a suit made by Bespoke Edge. Take my word for it – from the woman whose breath was literally taken away the moment she saw her husband-to-be during the first look – Bespoke Edge suits are incredible.


Botanical Necktie

Floral-pattern ties are always attention catching, but a necktie covered entirely in real flowers is on an entirely different playing field. When Ryan first laid eyes on this unique snowflake his first word was, “Wow!” Assuming that he was taken back by amazement, I asked Ryan if he thought any men would be up for wearing something so bold. He responded with, “I don’t know – you tell me.” I had to laugh at my presumptuousness in thinking I was not the only one enamored with the botanical necktie. Granted, a simple flower can look really sleek, but I had to ask myself – is it suave for men to be over-stated with flowers? When Ryan put on the botanical necktie, however, my initial feelings were reaffirmed. The botanical necktie looked fabulous. What a fun way to stand out!

necktie made of real flowersgroom wearing a real flower tie


Blooming Bow Tie

The bow tie offers something different and is a great accessory for the seasoned gentleman who is not afraid to have fun with his style. Whether you are attending a formal event that calls for a tuxedo or if the occasion allows for a more casual look, perhaps a bow tie with suspenders, you can add even more flair with a bow tie made of fresh flowers. With so much fragrance near your neck you might even be able to skip the cologne!

flower bow tie


Pocket Posy

Occasionally I get the question of whether one needs a boutonniere if they are sporting a pocket square. A boutonniere looks fantastic with or without a pocket square, but one way to navigate this dilemma is with the pocket posy! Other benefits of flowers bursting from your breast pocket is that you don’t have to spend time searching for the perfect pocket square and that you can decrease your chances of getting poked with a boutonniere pin. For all the men who are now afraid of their Florist, I am just kidding. Regardless, the pocket posy is definitely something unexpected!

colorful flower pocket squareman wearing colorful flowers in his pocket square



On a jacket the lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front side. Generally, the left side lapel has a built-in buttonhole which is intended to hold a boutonniere. I got to thinking, though, how crazy would it be to have flowers not just in the buttonhole, but along the entire length of the jacket lapel? After sketching this idea out, I was almost bursting with excitement thinking that I had discovered the next big floral accessory. NEVER have I seen this done in all my years in the wedding and event industry. This asymmetrical design allows for an incredibly striking look with or without a tie. I decided to name this new creation La-Flora-Pel.

a jacket lapel covered in flowersfresh flowers along a jacket lapel


I then went step further and with imagination going haywire, I sketched out flowers covering both lapels of Ryan’s jacket. This is definitely not something for those who prefer to blend in! A very regal look almost. My husband commented that I might have pushed my creativity a little too far with this one. I will let you be the judge.

flowers on a jacket lapel


I would love to hear your thoughts on these unique floral alternatives to the traditional boutonniere, and, specifically, if any of them would fit your personal style. If you are in the Seattle area, are gearing up for a wedding or special event, and if any of these pieces caught your attention, please get in touch! Standing out and being different never goes out of style.

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