My husband and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Our wedding feels like it was yesterday, so hitting the two year mark reminded me, again, how fast times goes by. I still think of myself as a newlywed. Can one still be a “newlywed” after two plus years of marriage? That is a debate for another day, I guess.

Though my time to be a bride has come and gone, I often look back at our wedding photos to relive the profound joy that we experienced. I felt compelled to write this post, because there is an abundance of articles on the internet about wedding regrets, why elopements are better than formal weddings, and even why weddings are a complete waste of money. I am in the wedding industry, yes, but putting aside my Wedding Florist hat, I wanted to share with you why I feel that weddings are important, amazing, and worth the investment. Because I loved my wedding so, so much, here is my case for having a grand celebration.

Deep Expressions of Love; Shared, Heightened

The two parts that I love most about a wedding is the ceremony (I always, ALWAYS cry at wedding ceremonies!) and the reception speeches. I love the raw, authentic feeling of personal vows and getting to see a glimpse into the depths of love and emotion. There are not many occasions in life that allow for such intense, public displays of affection. And while I think the act of saying your vows out loud to your significant other is profound in and of itself, I feel that saying them out loud in front of those who know you best transcends a new level of connection, which extends to everyone you love. Vows are incredibly powerful!

groom saying wedding vowsbride and groom saying vows

Wedding speeches can also be raw and emotional. The importance of a wedding – the joining of two people and of two families coming together creates a collective bond. Wedding speeches and toasts are one of the expressions of this union. I love how every speech has a different feeling to it, given by the person delivering the speech. Every person that stood up at our wedding to say something delivered a message of love, thought, and heart. t was so beautiful to hear.

wedding speechbride crying at a wedding reception

The Epitome of Beautiful, Personalized Decor + Delicious Food

I cannot think of other celebration that would call for an abundance of flowers and decor that has been designed for specifically for you, with your particular style and taste at the forefront. The transformation of a space that reflects you and your partner is incredible to see realized. Wedding reception food, as well, also adds to this elevated experience. The food you eat on your wedding day will have been created for you, specifically, with intent and your preferences. Meaningful, beautiful things draw us in and can enhance our experience.

outdoor wedding ceremony

You Get to Dance Like No One is Watching

The last time that I had a full-blown dance party was at our wedding reception. That’s two years too long!! Especially so, because I love dancing. But as life evolves there seem to be less and less opportunities to dance without any inhibitions. And dancing with those that you love to commemorate your wedding is one of the most joyful things that I have witnessed. Everyone is together, having fun, and celebrating. Being silly. Being free.

people dancing at a wedding

I am pretty sure this was the moment I realized a Michael Jackson song was starting to play.

bride and groom dancing at a wedding reception

Being Surrounded By Loved Ones

There has never been another occasion where I have had so many significant, special people in one place at one time. They were all there to have celebrate and support our marriage (and to have fun!). It was the most incredible, magical time that I don’t think could ever be recreated. And that makes it even more special.

outdoor wedding ceremony


As a Florist in the wedding industry for several years I knew that weddings were lovely and beautiful. I was part of that behind-the-scenes transformation process, after-all. I would feel that deep contentment and peace with being a wedding guest. But I didn’t really know how fun, amazing, and truly magical a wedding could be until my own wedding experience. The memories of that day and of that weekend will be with me forever. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Have I convinced you yet to have a formal wedding?

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