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Every Seattle Wedding Florist you meet with will have a different of way of guiding you through the world of flowers in order to arrive at the best floral designs for your wedding. The beginning of the wedding floral journey is one of the parts that I actually like most. Imagination, artistry, and creativity are at the forefront in this stage and it always feels so exciting to dream about all the floral possibilities. I often find myself saying that the conceptual design is even more invigorating than when I get my hands on the actual flowers. And I really, really love the flowers themselves (just look at my camera – all the photos are of flowers)! But I could dream about gorgeous, unique floral designs all day. Yes, my head is in the clouds! And the clouds are filled with flowers!

Here at Holly Yee Floral Architecture my PROCESS always starts with an Introductory Floral Consultation. Most couples I talk with have never been through the wedding planning process before, let alone the process of deciding on the perfect floral decor for the biggest party they’ll probably ever host. Needless to say, the experience of talking with a Wedding Floral Designer is often uncharted territory, so coming into the meeting prepared will always produce a better outcome.

In preparation for your Introductory Floral Consultation I want to go through the topics we will cover to get you thinking (and feeling!) about the big picture of your wedding, as well as all the smaller elements. Understanding your vision, your goals, and your heart in depth will enable me to build a floral proposal that embodies an aesthetic that is unique to you as a couple. Collaboration is key, with all of your vendors really, and knowing what to expect during your wedding floral consultation will allow us to make the most of our time together. Let’s get started!


Overall Wedding Ambiance/Feel

One of the first things I want to know about is your desired wedding ambiance. Understanding the big picture of your wedding with regard to the atmosphere you want to create for you and your guests will help guide my floral recommendations and suggestions. Design styles can be romantic, artistic, elegant, whimsical, modern, or rustic. Flowers themselves also sometimes can have a “style” to them. Some are very soft and romantic, both visually and tactically. Some are sleek and elegant while others are fun and whimsical. Florals play a big part in setting the mood of a space, which I go into some detail on my INVESTMENT page. When I was a bride back in 2017 I was able to find the words to describe the goal of my wedding atmosphere by closing my eyes and imagining what it felt like to be there – inviting, beautiful, and warm. Give it a try!


Color Palette

One of the most important elements in any type of design is the use of color. Colors can evoke mood and feelings, and can be a way to curate a specific atmosphere. Flowers are often a large part of a wedding’s decor, so making sure the colors of the flowers work in harmony with the other colors of your wedding is very important. I wrote a blog post a couple months ago on How To Choose Your Wedding Floral Color Palette, which highlights the key elements that determine wedding colors: venue, attire, season, and theme.

color wheel


Floral Preferences

Understanding what your floral preferences are both with regard to floral style and specific flowers is one of the most important pieces. Are you someone who likes very textural arrangements or do you prefer structured, clean arrangements? Are you draw to symmetry or asymmetry? Do you like a wispy, whimsical look or do you prefer pieces that are full and lush? Pinterest has been a very useful tool for looking at different floral styles, but you can also do a general internet search and see what images come up or you can get some wedding magazines to peruse through. And don’t just keep your eyes on the internet. The natural world has so much to say, too! When you are outside and out and about, do you find yourself taking a long look at your neighbor’s pink peonies, the deep blue hydrangea bush by the park, or are you drawn to the carefree daisies crowding around a fire hydrant?

pink peony


Personal Elements

Finding out more about you as a couple and what personal elements you might be incorporating into your wedding is one my favorite parts of our first conversation. These are the gold nuggets of information that often spark my most creative side. Perhaps you have Irish heritage that you want to include in the feel of your wedding, so we decide to use lots of ferns and moss in your arrangements. Maybe your partner loves to fly fish, so I incorporate fly fishing feathers in his boutonniere. Or maybe the two of you are avid bicyclists, so we create a floral installation built out of old bicycle wheels. One of the most unique bridal bouquets I ever made was for a bride who was going to school for Mycology, the study of fungi. To her field of study into the floral arrangements, I wired in to her bouquet two ceramic mushrooms and one carved wooden mushroom. How fun is that? Can you spot the ceramic mushrooms in the photo below? Don’t be afraid to play with the idea of incorporating elements of your individuality into the florals. The outcome can be incredibly original!
woodland style bridal bouquet with ferns


Quantities and Categories of Floral Arrangements

Getting a little more practical and detailed, another important topic we’ll discuss is quantities. This information is especially useful in determining the overall cost of your wedding flowers, but sometimes I do suggest certain flowers that may lend themselves better to specific arrangements. Smaller flowers work best for small, intricate pieces like boutonnieres, corsages, and crowns. Larger flowers like sunflowers, hydrangea, and large calla lilies or versatile, hardly flowers like roses and carnations can be perfect for installations or large arrangements.

A bridal party with sunflower bouquets on a runway

I hope this helps get you prepared and excited for your wedding floral consultation. You can also watch the video down below. Talking about flowers for your wedding should be fun and the goal in sharing this knowledge with you is to prepare you for the things we will discuss so our partnership can produce the most beautiful arrangements for one of the most beautiful events. Ready to chat about your wedding flowers? Join me in the clouds – there’s lots of fabulous floral arrangements up here!


Holly Yee

Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for taking time to stop by my part of the internet. I have been working with flowers for a long time and I just love helping people make their celebrations absolutely stunning. It is an honor and a priviledge to be a part of weddings and other special events. 

In addition to floral design my other loves are yoga, coffee, the outdoors, and my husband and all the amazing people in my life. 

Feel like talking flowers?

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