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Bridal bouquets are one of my my absolute favorite things to conceptualize and create for weddings. Not only are they one of the most photographed floral arrangements at a wedding, but they are designed for and carried by some of the most important people – the bride(s)!

One of the questions my brides and I talk through when discussing their wedding flowers is whether they want their bridal bouquet to closely match their bridesmaids bouquets or to be significantly different. Some people prefer a very coordinated and matching bridal party look. Others folks are inspired by contrast and love the idea of their bridal bouquet being totally unique. Both schools of thought are correct and each bridal party floral style can look spectacular in its own way. Let’s explore the differences starting from the most cohesive to the ways we can create the most bouquet variation.


Bridal Bouquet vs. Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: SIZE

The most cohesive bridal party floral look is when all the bouquets have the same shape and the same color palette. Clients will ask me if their bridal bouquet should be different from their bridesmaids’ bouquets and I always tell them at a minimum it will be bigger, even if just slightly. The bride is the most important person in her bridal party and her bouquet should be representative of that, as well. Many times we will identify a variety of flower to use only in her bridal bouquet, but still within the palette of flower colors.

bridesmaids wearing blue dresses

Picture courtesy of Stolen Glimpses Photography

bridal party with pink dresses and pink bouquets

bridal party with lush blush wedding bouquets

Bridal Bouquet vs. Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: SIZE + SHAPE

Another way to differentiate the bridal bouquet is in both size and shape. You can still maintain a strong floral cohesiveness by using the same color palette throughout the bridal party bouquets, especially the same proportions of colors, but changing the shape of the bridal bouquet can make it that much more dramatic. This works well for brides, especially, who love cascading bouquets. Cascading bouquets are naturally lush and require a high level of craftsmanship. The amount of detail that goes into cascading bouquets makes them an excellent choice for brides who want that wow factor.

(To find out about the different wedding bouquet styles you can check out my blog post THE FIVE MOST POPULAR BRIDAL BOUQUET SHAPES).

bridal party wearing dusty blue and dusty green dresses with blush flowers

bridesmaids wearing burgundy dresses

Picture courtesy of Jessica Christie Photography

bridal party holding spring bouquets

Photo courtesy of Libbie Holmes Photography

Bridal Bouquet vs. Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: SIZE + COLOR

One of the easiest ways to emphasize the uniqueness of the bridal bouquet is with size and especially with color. Our eyes are naturally drawn to color – the cones within our eyes being physically stimulated when we see colors. And when contrasting colors or analogous colors are used within a bridal party floral palette, we definitely take notice. In the past I have worked with brides who have loved the idea of a bouquet for themselves with an emphasis on white to signify it as the bridal bouquet. Other times my clients have loved the idea of a colorful bouquet that really popped against their wedding gown.

Color is such an important factor when thinking about your flowers. If you are interested in learning more about how to pick your wedding floral color palette you can hop back to my post from the prior week: HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING COLOR FLORAL PALETTE

bridal party with hot pink bouquets

Photo courtesy of Talia Kite Photography

a bride and her bridesmaid holding red and white bouquets

colorful bridal bouquet with eucalyptus

Bridal Bouquet vs. Bridesmaids’ Bouquets: SIZE, SHAPE, + COLOR

If you want your bridal bouquet to command the most attention, then you might choose a design different from your bridesmaids’ bouquets in terms of size, shape, and colors. While I love when things are cohesive, I also love brides who aren’t afraid to make a statement. Your dress is different from your bridesmaids’ dresses, your role is different from your bridesmaids, so why be afraid to make your flowers drastically different? Dare to be different!

bridal party with gorgeous bouquets

Picture courtesy of From the Hip Photo

bridesmaids in blue dresses with colorful bouquets

Picture courtesy of Libbie Holmes Photography


Whether you like a really cohesive bridal party floral style or if you aren’t afraid to have your bouquet stand alone, there are many options and even small, subtle tweaks for how we can make your bridal bouquet one-of-a-kind and truly a reflection of your taste. Want to explore the best floral style for your bridal bouquet and your bridal party? Let’s set up a CONSULTATION! I love making bridal bouquets and I would be honored to design yours!

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